Hello everyone! I wanted to post a quick update to touch base with all of you out there and let you know that yes, I am still alive, contrary to what my lack of activity on here leads you to believe. The past three weeks in Madrid have been absolutely insane, between the search for an apartment, orientation, my first week of work, and countless adventures with new friends.

I’m currently working on writing my fourth and final post on my adventures in Belgium, but it might take a few more days to finish as I’m fairly busy this week. I’m finally moving into my apartment, I’ve got some final paperwork and registration-esque stuff to get figured out, and then this weekend I’m headed off to London with Xavier to see the Colts play the Jaguars in Wembley! (For those of you who don’t know, the NFL has held a couple games outside the US each year since 2007, called the “NFL International Series”, in an attempt to expand their brand). After that I’ll be caught up and will be able to start writing about the wonderful and enchanting city of Madrid!

In the meantime, I wanted to share another article with you all. If you’re friends with me on Facebook you might have already seen this, but I wanted to post it here as well. The article is from the Huffington Post and was written by Cameron Chang, an awesome guy that I’ve met recently here in Madrid who is also here to teach English with another program. The article is about traveling, why to travel when you’re young, and the long-lasting benefits of traveling, although I think the advice he gives is absolutely phenomenal and can apply to anyone. So without further ado, please enjoy ‘Dear Graduate: This Is Why You Should Travel.”

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