Hey everyone! I wanted to write a quick post considering I haven’t wrote anything in a long time. The past couple weeks have been pretty routine, so there hasn’t been anything I could think of writing about. I’ve got a couple ideas in the works for some posts in another week or two. I don’t want to spoil anything, but there’s gonna be a couple music-related posts coming your way in December, as well as a few posts on some trips I’ll be making. And, of course, if I do anything random that merits a post I’ll include it as well. I want to eventually start writing shorter, more specific posts, such as a visit to a park or famous landmark some weekend. I find it’s a lot easier to write that way, and from your end, it’s a bit of a lighter read. Plus, it’s cool to see the more realistic lifestyle living here in Madrid, instead of just seeing the cool, exciting trips and adventures I go on.

The other topic I wanted to quickly write about was my Thanksgiving dinner last night. If you know me personally you might know Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, so it’s always a rough day to be away from my family, especially after seeing pictures and Snapchats from all my friends and family. Thankfully, my friend group here in Madrid planned a Thanksgiving dinner together since none of us could celebrate with our families.

We had the dinner last night (Friday), as Thursday would have been a bit harder since we worked Friday. My good friend Greg hosted, alongside his other roommates. They cooked two turkeys and a couple dishes, and everyone that came was supposed to bring a dish and some wine as well. We numbered around 25 people, and were composed of two different friend groups. Myself and my friends invited via Greg, and the rest via one of his roommates, Cameron. Most of us were Americans, but there were a few non-Americans that joined the festivities as well. The result was awesome: tons of dishes ranging from salads, stuffing, casseroles, mac & cheese, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, bread, desserts, and plenty of wine! I wasn’t sure if I was able to attend until last minute, so while I wanted to make green bean casserole, I didn’t have the time and ended up bring a pasta salad dish. I think I fairly compensated for the lack of the casserole with 3 bottles of wine though!

All in all, it was a great reminder of home, of American culture, and that even thousands of miles away, there’s friends and many many reasons to be thankful. I met some new people, ate way too much food (and I tried hardly half the dishes too, sadly), and hung out for a few hours. I had to leave the dinner a bit early, as one of my old friends I met in Linz is visiting me this weekend, but nonetheless it was an awesome experience that I won’t soon forget.

The hosts and chefs Greg and Cameron
The hosts and chefs Greg and Cameron
A sample of some of the dishes that were brought
A sample of some of the dishes that were brought
Our Friendsgiving group
A group photo!
Friendsgiving group photo
…and a not so serious photo

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