Hello everyone, and welcome to my new personal blog! I wanted to quickly introduce you to my vision of the site and the type of content I’ll be posting. While a portion of the content will focus around my upcoming move to Madrid, that won’t be the only articles I’ll write. My blogging will also include posts about music and playlists, photography, fashion, food, and anything else interesting I feel like writing about.

This website is my first real foray into the world of blogging and web hosting, so I apologize if anything is a bit rusty the first few months; it’s a learning experiencing. Eventually I would like to write a few articles each week, but it will probably take a bit to get familiar with the website and writing process. Keep your eyes out in the next week for my first monthly playlist as well as updates on my trip to Belgium!


You can get some more information as well by checking out my About page and you can find out how to connect with me further on my Contact page!

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