I’m back again, with my first normal monthly playlist since the April/May edition! For anyone that’s been looking forward to new music, I apologize for being away so long. As life does sometimes, however, I was quite busy for a stretch this summer and fall enjoying time with family and deciding what to do this fall with my life. Enough of that talk, however. Here’s the playlist!

The first song, as well as quite a few more, all come from artist Grimes. Claire Boucher, better known by her stage name Grimes, is a Canadian artist. Her music typically falls under synth-pop, electronica, dream pop, and art pop genres. I discovered her two three years ago when I was on a huge synthpop/dream pop binge, and recently I’ve been listening to a bit of this music again. “Artangels” (1), “Kill V. Maim” (5), “Flesh Without Blood” (10), and “California” (14) all come from her critically-acclaimed 2015 album Art Angels, which many critics had as the best album of the year. “Genesis” (7) and “Oblivion” (19) both come from 2012’s Visions.

Next up, we’ve got a few new releases. Both “Surrender” (2) and “Kamikaze” (8) are recently-released singles off WALK THE MOON’s upcoming album What If Nothing (which releases in two days!). “Streetlights on Mars” (3) is a song I found on Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist last week, and is the debut single of artist Jackson Penn. And “Milk” (4) is a song from one my all-time favorite bands, the 1975. Technically, it’s not a new song – it was included on their second EP Sex (hidden on the track called “You”) as well as on the deluxe edition of the 2013 self-titled debut, but it was re-released by itself last month on Spotify.

In a similar vein as Grimes, iamamiwhoami is a group (actually, one person: Swedish singer Jonna Lee) that I found in that same phase of life, and quickly became in love with “chasing kites” (16). For whatever reason, I never explored much of her other music until this past month, so I’ve also included “blue blue” (6) which I absolutely love, and “hunting for pearls” (20), all from the album BLUE.

Next up, you’ve got a few random songs, all new music and all found through Spotify. “DNA” (9) is a K-pop single from the group BTS that is undeniably catchy, “Havana” (12) is a Latin pop song from Camila Cabello that I’m sure many people have already heard, and “How Long” (15) is a new song from Charlie Puth. “King” (11) isn’t a new song, but one I discovered recently after hearing it out in public one day. And “Right To It” (13) is a super groovy track by duo Louis the Child and vocals from Ashe.

Finally, there’s only two Spanish songs on this playlist. “Yo Contigo, Tú Conmigo” (17) is a song by Morat and Álvaro Soler, both artist I’ve wrote about before: in my October 2016 playlist (right after I moved to Spain) I included songs by both artists that were super popular at the time right here. This time around, they teamed up to make this upbeat folk-pop song for a movie that I’ll leave unnamed here, as not to tarnish your opinion of the song before you give it a listen. And finally, the reggaeton band CNCO (who I’ve also included in December 2016 and summer jams) released “Mamita” (18), a slower, sadder take on a pop-reggaeton hybrid.

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