Hello everyone! I wanted to quickly draw your attention to a few new additions to my website. I’ve created a new menu up top for my portfolio, which is currently aimed mostly at coding and data science. In hopes of attending grad school next year for a degree relating to data science, I’ve been trying to teach myself some of the basics, including some overall data science theory and math/statistics, as well as lots of programming, primarily related to the languages of Python and R. 

Under the portfolio menu, the first link is to my githubGithub is essentially an online repository where you can store all your source code and programming projects. Basically, a cloud service for computer code that’s the most popular and most used in the development and tech world. That’s the main place I’ll be uploading all the projects I work on.

Additionally, you’ll be able to find a sub-menu for each project I work on. I’ll try to include an overview page for each project, explaining what it’s about, what my goals were for that project, and walking you through the basics of the code and analyses I run. Currently, I’ve only got one project uploaded, but hopefully that’ll start to fill up as time goes on.

Finally, this first project I’ve mentioned is my Beer Analysis Project, where I analyze my craft-beer drinking history. I’d recommend giving it a quick look, starting with the overview page and then moving on to the two individual parts of the project. Most people will only care about the second part, the analysis, so feel free to skip straight to that part.

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