Hey everyone! It’s been a month and half since I wrote anything on here so I figured I should finally sit down today and write a short update. I also haven’t posted any playlists this summer, so I apologize for anyone that’s been looking for new music.

The start of summer: Miami and Florida

As most of you know, I decided to come home for a few months this summer to spend time with family and friends before returning to Spain in the fall. I left Madrid in the middle of June and headed to Miami, where my close friend Andrew’s parents currently live. Hopefully sometime this week I can sit down and write a short post on a couple cool things we did. The week was spent between Miami, where we went to the beach and explored cool neighborhoods like Little Havana, Coral Gables, and Wynwood, at Orlando, where we went to Disney for a day and hung out with his dad. As I said, hopefully this week I’ll write a short article on the highlights of the trip and include some photos.

July: vacation and family

After returning home to my parents’ house we turned around a few days later and went our yearly family vacation to the beach in North Carolina. I was lucky enough to spend basically two weeks straight on vacation between Florida and North Carolina! Vacation is always a blast, as we typically go with some close family friends, even though my close friend Korbin wasn’t able to make it this year as he’s living in Thailand.

Most of the time since we’ve returned from vacation I’ve spent at home enjoying a relaxing summer. Most days I get to sit around and read books, study Spanish, play disc golf and get beers with my dad, and the like. Ironically, although I have more free time I’ve been less likely to get on here and post (oops!) as I’ve really enjoyed having access to a library again, even though I wanted to write a few articles during the summer. Hopefully in the next month I’ll get back into the rhythm I had in Spain.

Mark, where’s our playlists?

Alright, on to the music. While I haven’t made a June- or July-specific playlist, I do have a “summer 2017” playlist that I’ve been adding music to as the summer goes on that I have permanently downloaded on my phone that I’ll share today. It’s currently at 91 tracks spanning 5 hours and 56 minutes, so I obviously won’t go back track-by-track. Instead, I’ll break down a couple “sections” of the playlist for you really briefly. In August I’ll get back to a monthly playlist hopefully!

  1. Current Music: Not really defined by a genre, but just the songs that I have been currently really into. There’s a wide variety, from Michael Bublé to Eminem to San Cisco. Many are recently released albums and singles, but some are older songs that I’ve discovered recently and taken a liking to.
  2. “Turn-up” R&B: A few songs, primarily by ZHU, Rae Sremmurd, and The Weeknd that I really like. Good for blasting loud bass in the car with the windows down.
  3. Spanish Music: Most of my Spanish songs that I’ve found throughout living in Spain. Lots of Reggaeton and Latin pop songs. Expect to see lots of J Balvin, Enrique Iglesias, Nicky Jam, CNCO, Ricky Martin, and many others.
  4. Tropical House and Deep House: Typical genres in many of my playlists, I threw a bunch of these songs on the playlist. Great summer songs, especially for sipping a nice cocktail or laying on the beach. Look for songs mainly by Matoma, Kygo, and LVNDSCAPE.

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