I’m back with my third and final post about my trip to Lisbon back in October! This will cover our last day in the city, which primarily was a day trip to nearby Belém. Belém (Portuguese for Bethlehem) is an neighborhood on the western side of Lisbon that’s famous for its high concentration of historic…

Overlooking the Quinta da Regaleira

A day in Sintra

Hello, and welcome to my second post on my trip to Lisbon! As mentioned in my main post, the majority of Friday was spent in Sintra, which I felt deserved it’s own post due to the large amount of photos I took. Sintra is a region near Lisbon (around an hour by train) that’s a hugely popular…

Berlin: History, great food, and cold weather

This past weekend I spent a couple days in Berlin with Ali, a friend also in the BEDA program here in Madrid. We had a 3-day weekend and decided to plan a trip together and ended up choosing Berlin primarily due to cheap flights. While we didn’t have any initial goals, the trip ended up turning into a mixture of exploring the city (and it’s history) and eating lots of good food.

The Return to Belgium

This past week we had some holidays here in Spain for Constitution Day and the Immaculate Conception, so many people took this time to travel. I myself ended up going back to Belgium. I planned this trip with Melina, a good friend from Greece that I met in Linz, and I also wanted to see Xavier again. The trip itself was only a few days, which pales in comparison to the month I spent here last time, but nonetheless was a great time.